Takekai International | Strategy


Besides the increasing interest of investors in uncorrelated sources of return, we offer alternative strategies incorporating our expertise across all major listed asset classes. These strategies are functional due to integrative, proprietary research and a solid trading and risk-management infrastructure.

Differentiated features of our approach

  • Portfolio managers with confirmed skills across a variety of market environments
  • World-class and pioneering infrastructure
  • Strategies developed according to investors’ needs

Our solutions

Hedged Equities

Hedged equities provide equity-driven profits with changing market exposures and volatility profiles. As a manager of long/short equity strategies, Takekai International brings deep expertise to the management of hedged equity portfolios within markets and across investment disciplines.

Long/Short Equity

Internal Fund of Funds

Long/Short Sector


Fixed Income Oriented

Our global strategies of this subdivision focus on returns driven more by macro, credit, and relative-value insights rather than by benchmark-relative placement. Based on these approaches one may gain attractive returns even in low-yield or rising-rate environments. The company’s imposing presence in the global fixed income markets encompass our aptitudes to develop strategies with specific risk and return characteristics.



Relative Value


Multi-Asset Solutions

Our multi-asset solutions comprise different strategies to meet investors’ needs, thus emphasizing the tendency to reach a target level of return, gain returns in excess of inflation and achieve risk objectives. Due to a long – lasting experience in managing asset allocation portfolios, our synergetic culture is well suited to creating effective approaches.

Inflation Sensitive

Internal Funds of Funds

Outcome Oriented


Alternative Exposures

Many investors are interested in strategies with return schemes that do not depend entirely on traditional market exposures and that can deliver alpha along with diversification. We are profoundly skilled in publicly traded alternatives due to our proficiency towards specific asset categories, such as commodities and infrastructure. We also have extensive experience in detecting strategic opportunities within the emerging markets.


Downside Mitigation

Managed Futures

Niche Opportunities

Liquid Real Assets


High Directionality

Many investors acknowledge that diversification offers the possibility to improve overall portfolio returns. By handling specific risks such as liquidity, leverage, or beta exposure and being focused on adding value on top of the associated risk grades, alternative approaches that give priority to general returns tend to outperform the broader markets.

Niche Opportunities