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Global industry research

Detailed and proprietary research helps us discover opportunities and handle risk management across global equity markets on behalf of our clients. Our team of global industry research analysts is the crucial part of this multidimensional determination. The investment strategies managed by the team of experts offer our clients accessibility to a wide range of opportunities.

Our distinctive approach

Our approach to global industry research along with the strategic management is divided in four key aspects.

Focus – Our analysts can reach the top of a successful career by following one industry. Expertise and professionalism are valued and rewarded and this contributes to the development of a deep understanding of the businesses we deal with on behalf of our clients.

Experience – Research takes a long time and devotement. Our analysts have been activating in the industry for 20 years on average. We want to highlight the power of knowledge within the research department, as this helps us make intelligent investment decisions.

Dimension and collaboration – Our analysts collaborate with investment professionals with sector, regional and macroeconomic expertise, sustaining discussions that result in a broader vantage point.

Global perspective – Our analysts are constantly cooperating with professionals all over the world, sharing insights and mutually accepting challenges and this helps them position their investment opportunities within the broadest possible parameters.

Industries have unique business cycles and other major characteristics, which being allied with individual company fundamentals, dictate prices over time. We consider that having analysts who’ve been covering their industries for a long time can reveal a better understanding of those dynamics.


Thought leadership

We disclose to our clients the variety of investment insights. We are regularly hosting client events around the world, publish numerous white papers and present webcasts on a wide range of topics.

Client-focused seminars, forums, and programs

Publications and webcasts