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Financial Planning

Takekai International provides assistance in making smart financial decisions that correspond with clients’ goals and values. Our approach depends on the latest tools, our overall knowledge and experience, the profession’s best practices and the expertise of devoted professionals.

Our expertise is manifested through the following financial planning key elements:

Education Planning – Refers to the development of strategies that can be added to, invested and withdrawn from college savings.

Cash Flow Planning – Refers to determining and monitoring of sources and uses of cash during employment and after retirement.

Income Tax Planning – Refers to tax reducing strategies, charity activities and Alternative Minimum Tax issues.

Retirement Planning – Refers to building up financial independence.

Insurance Planning and Risk Management – Refers to recommendations concerning properties, liability, life, disability, and long-term care insurance.

Estate Planning – Refers to gifting strategies, incapacity planning, the distribution of properties, reducing expenses and taxes.

Financial Management: Scope and Elements


  1. Dividend for shareholders – the dividend and its rate must be decided.
  2. Retained profits – the amount of retained profits will depend on diversification and expansion of the investors’ plans.


Major Functions of Financial Management


Investment Management

Any financial plan depends on a well-organized investment strategy. Takekai International manages client portfolios at any stage in life. We can assist our clients concerning wealth accumulation strategies, conservancy and distribution. Through mutual cooperation, we develop investment strategies tailored to our clients’ financial goals and concerns. We constantly ensure our clients’ plans stay on course and we make recommendations for adjustments accordingly.



We Are Not Adepts of Market Timing – We do not focus on a specific class of assets and do not tend to forecast future market behavior and we do not invest based on the assumption that we can overreach the markets.

We Believe in The Science of Investing – We consider that risk and profits are interrelated, the markets do an efficient job of pricing securities and that diversification is essential.

We Offer Accessibility – Our clients are able to invest through the guidance of the best institutional mutual fund managers, including Dimensional Fund Advisors, available only through a select group of advisors.



Preserving & Growing Your Assets

A key element to achieving your goals is assuring you have a comprehensive and disciplined investment strategy that matches your plan. An Ideal Portfolio depends on preserving and growing your assets. Besides risk and return considerations, one’s portfolio should rely on diversification and cost efficiency, reducing tax liability and ensuring access to adequate liquidity in order to assure one can achieve the expected results.

Our proprietary portfolio methodology was developed through the evidence-based approach. Below is a four-step process with multiple layers that we use to improve your portfolio’s performance. This is a primer tool embedded within Building the Ideal Portfolio.


Aligning your Investments with your Ideal Plan

When choosing an investment provider, it is important to understand their fundamental beliefs and their investments overview to gain perspective regarding how they manage assets and add value. Thus, a key element to achieving your goals is assuring you have a sound disciplined investment strategy that is aligned with your plan. The four strategies and structures below build up Takekai International’s philosophy and approach to investing and building portfolios.


Evidence-Based Investing

The main determination of Evidence-Based Investing (EBI) is to create a template that, laid across the variety of topics investors are confronting nowadays, can provide clear and simple principles that help better analyze the sense of investment advice. EBI offers a way to approach investment concerns in a systematic, analytical, and scientific manner as described below.

EBI is also essential within the investor – advisor relationship that we call Building the Ideal Portfolio:


Values-Based Investing

Values-based investing connects your investment portfolio with your personal values. There are variations of values-based investing and are often referred to as socially responsible, socially conscious, sustainable, ethical, moral or green investing. Takekai International’s aim is to ensure an ideal balance of investment and values-based objectives.

Values-Based Investing Overview