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Investment Philosophy

Core Principles

Investing is a science. The body of knowledge of this science is usually grouped under the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and it appeared in 1959 with the publication of Harry Markowitz’s classic book “Portfolio Selection.” Markowitz has won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his revolutionary insights. While markets are complex and too uncertain, thus preventing exact prediction or control, we have learned how to manage risk and capture returns.

It is well known that many types of investment activities do not have a strong connection to this science. Plenty of offerings are presented based on hope and assumptive thinking and do not stick to theoretical foundations meant to ensure consistent results. Media is a great factor affecting the practicability of investing. To a certain level, this is the result of the common human desire to overestimate the system, to obtain some extra benefits, to find some easy short-cuts. Many advisors trade according to these instincts and present investment strategies that are based on hope and insignificantly on science.

When it comes to investing, our approach is not linked to assumptions or general talking. If we don’t believe that a certain approach is valuable, we will not rely on it. We make recommendations because we believe there’s a comprehensive theoretical and practical basis for success.

After all, successful investing is more about discipline rather than overthinking upon the system or timing the market. We consider that markets work by themselves, so we just have to follow them through educated perspectives. Markets function to establish security prices in a way that the subsequent returns will be corresponding for the taken risk. Along the line and in general, markets act in the favor of specialized researchers. According to a common understanding related to the buying and selling activities of all the market’s participants, no single individual, despite education or awareness, is likely to improve upon the markets’ flow.

The question of whether or not individuals can consistently outperform the market has been regularly touched upon and the same outcome is always valid: one cannot “beat the system”. And how would that be possible? The market represents the combination of each participant’s insights and knowledge and is a good example of general knowledge being better than the individual one. There are exclusive sources of risk and profits that can be identified and connected. There are also well-organized approaches to offering balance and cost effectiveness that can add value as well.

As a conclusion, successful investing depends on the investors’ purposes, recognizing that there are no shortcuts, and getting involved in a long-term and disciplined process which is assisted by empirically-validated knowledge. This is our definition of “practical insight” and this is what we offer.


Our Approach

Focused on Your Success

Takekai International is committed to providing you with the value and experience you need to manage your wealth. Our approach starts with identifying what are your goals and further continues with analyzing your actual plan and portfolio. Afterwards, we recommend optimal strategies and structures. Definitely, a plan will not work without your contribution and involvement. Thus, we help implement your plan in a direct, efficient and responsible manner. Finally, we keep reviewing and supervising your progress to make sure your plan remains aligned and updated to leverage all potential strategies.

While contouring our approach through proprietary methods, our purpose is to provide you with confidence and to assure that your investments are performing in your benefit and that your personal vision of a prosperous future is respected.

In addition, we have organized a team of experts which strives to achieve the highest professional and academic standards. All together, we offer our shared expertise, credentials, discipline, work ethic and reputation to guide you through our platform and towards your ideal future.


Confidence and Simplicity

Building your future is a continuous process where we integrate your financial planning, investments, and tax decisions. We can offer proactive advice and help you implement our suggestions and coordinate with other professionals. As a result, you will have the right chances to achieve your targets.

Besides various areas of expertise where we focus on adding value, there are also less obvious areas. However, an effective vision, strategies, structure, plan, and disciplined implementation can help you and your closest ones take advantage of simplicity and confidence knowing your wealth is efficiently aligned with your principles and expectations.

A good theory is effective only in case it is applicable. By ensuring a system of professional support, we aim at increasing your confidence throughout each stage of the process.