Takekai International | Expertise


Organizational Pillars

  • We place our clients on the top of our interest.

We listen, understand and help our clients achieve the best results. We strive to success by meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

  • We are globally integrated.

Shared knowledge among professionals from different global investment centers, each being specialized in a particular area, expands our set of opportunities and improves our capabilities to diversify investments. We think and act on a global level.

  • We have a team-based organizational structure.

At all levels of our organization, experts around the world constantly share information and investment ideas and cooperate on strategic development in order to improve common thinking on investments and the decision-making process.

  • We are dedicated to active fixed-income.

We prove superior investment capabilities and offer high quality service to our clients by being entirely dedicated to active fixed-income. We believe that active, value-based investing can generate significant returns and reduce portfolio volatility under various market conditions.

  • Risk monitoring is essential for asset management.

According to our approach, risk management is a significant component for successful portfolio management. Incorporating risk management guidance into the portfolio construction course along with the independent audit of portfolio risks contribute to its effectiveness. Active communication and development strategies reinforce the independence and transparency of risk management.


Basic Management Policy

1. Pursuit of Service Quality

As a team of experienced specialists, we make all the efforts to meet our clients’ needs by improving the quality of our operational processes and providing world-class service.

2. Enrichment of Corporate Value through Sustained Growth

We always prioritize our clients. We will prove to be worth our customers' choice by investing our business resources in growth areas in order to achieve sustainable growth and advance corporate value.

3. Pursuit of Business Efficiency

We are fully implementing our strengths through vast collaboration, thus boosting business efficiency and creating a stable operating base to be beneficial for customers' wealth building.

4. Highly Transparent Governance Systems

Acknowledging our social responsibilities and obligations in asset management services, we associate the development of our business operations with highly transparent governance systems, effective risk management and compliance.

5. Accomplishment of Our Social Responsibilities

While endeavoring to get highly involved in the green funds investing, we will achieve our corporate social responsibilities and contribute to building a sustainable society.

6. Ensuring of a Vibrant Workplace

We will actively work to revitalize our organization through creating attractive and motivational conditions for our employees.


Our Japanese Equity Investment

Local and proficient - Based in Tokyo, our highly experienced Japanese equity specialists provide local, in-depth and fundamental analysis and promote essential value - based investment ideas for portfolio construction and management.

Time-tested Strategies – Throughout years of experience with a long-lasting investment outlook, we can identify and develop investment opportunities under various market conditions, while managing to avoid the value pitfalls.

Continuity and consistency – We ensure longevity of professionals’ activity and well-organized framework for:


Investment Process (Japanese Equity)

Step 1. Fundamental Research

Step 2. Return Analysis

Step 3. Portfolio Construction


Risk Management

Throughout years of experience and a long-lasting investment outlook, we can identify and develop investment opportunities under various market conditions, while managing to avoid the value pitfalls.

Experienced Value Investment Team. Fundamental value investment is our main competence – The Japanese equity investment team represented by experienced analysts and their research are tangent to the market.

Diversification of Performance – High level performance and peer classification of our products over a long-lasting period reveal exclusivity and sustainability of our investment visions and research capability.

Leading Position in Socially Responsible Investment – Our expertise within responsible investing is effectively implemented to stock valuation.