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About Us

Takekai International offers a broad range of investment management facilities that embody almost all segments of the global capital markets. Our investment strategies, adjusted according to the individual return and risk objectives of institutional clients in more than 40 countries, rely on a well-constructed form of proprietary research and synergy that encourages independent thinking and constructive cooperation. As a private partnership, the structure of our ownership supports a long-term vision complying our perspectives with those of our clients.

Our clients are our motivation and the center of our interest. That is why we aim at providing superior investment results, exceptional service, and multiple levels of risk management.

Business Description

Takekai International is committed to being one of the leading investment management firms in the world. Trust, Loyalty, Integrity, Multi-functionality, Teamwork, Respect and Responsibility are building up the essence of our values. Through the common range of shared values, we will enhance the power of our perception and drive our commitment to extreme levels. We offer to our clients:


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Message from the President

We have prioritized the set-up of a new division in order to develop the Alternative Investments business. Due to knowledge, experience and proficiency achieved over the years, we have started our activity as a securities company having the purpose to provide our institutional clientele with high quality service.

Through accurate due diligence of hedge fund managers and their products and deep perception of the exclusive requirements of each investor, we dedicate ourselves to offering niche Alternative Investments products that increase the value of our investors’ portfolios.

Globally, Alternative Investments plays an essential and crucial role for investors’ portfolios. The same is valid for Japan as well, although the investment environment in the area has lately faced radical changes. Besides the ultimate crisis, the rigorous requirements in conjunction with the performance of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan have created difficult conditions for financial institutions to get involved in the Alternative Investments business - both from an investor’s and a distributor’s perspective. From another point of view, long-term investors like holders of retirement accounts, are preferring alternative strategies to the traditional ones, giving priority to Funds of Hedge Funds which are considered to provide more solid and consistent returns. Such products are expected to be highly demanded during economic uncertainty and fluctuating markets.

With over USD 15 trillion in household financial assets, Japan stands the chance to take the position of a global leader in the financial markets. The manufacturing sector, the teamwork effect and global network had a significant contribution. The most outstanding corporations sourced raw and industrial materials from all over the world, handled processing and setting up internationally and supplied the products via global channels. In the same way, Japan works on bringing Alternative Investments to a higher level and, here at Takekai International, we would like to contribute to business development through our established range of values, knowledge and capabilities.

While moving ahead, another critical challenge for investors will be to differentiate between high quality service and mediocracy, however, our objective is to offer assistance and guidance in such a process. Takekai International will make every effort to become the “Company of Choice” for its clients’ base and a benchmark within the Alternative Investments industry.

Thank you for continuously supporting and trusting Takekai International.


At Takekai International, we focus on developing the next generation of world-class Asset Management


The past decade has been marked by a major global turmoil including the overall financial crisis, the BREXIT situation, the ICT revolution and the expanding economic and political uncertainty. Additionally, Japan has had to confront the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and to lose the continual position of world's second largest economy in front of China. Many traditionally durable industries keep experiencing various challenging business circumstances. Japan is also the first country to overcome the coexistent issues of a rapidly-aging and declining population.

Various institutions from Japan have been implementing European and American role models within business and technology development processes. Nevertheless, in times where plenty of business and social models have been affected or turned to be out-of-date due to new technologies and unpredicted improvements, it has become necessary to find alternatives within Asset Management.

While approaching the issues of an unchartered territory, we are looking for opportunities to progress and develop our business through innovation and new technologies.

In order to undertake the challenges of the fluctuating global environment, Takekai International is constantly upgrading the existing platforms and proficiency within traditional real estate investing. The company is also focused on expanding its competences into sectors like Healthcare, Real Estate Technology and ICT, Fintech and incorporating revolutionary technologies and methodologies into existing businesses in order to amplify asset values.

Our essential approach is to combine the Japanese visions with a universal way of thinking. We tend to create the standards for the next generation of Asset Management through collaboration with partners and clients, synergy optimization and leveraging new technologies meant to generate a great business ecosystem.

Leveraging the perspectives of our group companies, we create unique investment solutions from sourcing and achievement to management and safety.

Relying on industry knowledge and a solid network, we constantly make use of innovative technologies and in order to remain at the forefront of our industry.


Our commitment to partnership

There are three main values at the base of our expertise and experience in asset management: care, clearness and commitment. We care for people and for the world in general. We communicate proactively and reliably in a clear language. We are committed to ensure integrity and do business while thinking about the future.

In order to achieve its financial objectives, Takekai International appeals to efficient cooperation with private individuals, pension funds, insurers, family offices, independent financial advisers and banks. Our clients expect high-level service and we continuously work on proving our proficiency through getting engaged in constructive discussions, being a solidary partner and treating closely every challenge. Takekai International is committed to dynamic cooperation and unification of our interests with those of all stakeholders. We therefore provide a broad range of products and solutions including:

Different people have different definitions of partnership. Some believe it relates to deep economic insight while others expect simplicity from the complex financial world. Takekai International highlights the importance of bringing clarity, providing feasible solutions and the commitment towards long-term relationships.



For a self-organized asset manager of Takekai International, ambition can be represented through the following aspects:



The business of today – the growth of tomorrow

The extensive outlook and local presence of Takekai International enable the company to offer clients a wide range of investment products and solutions across asset classes, locations and trends. Takekai International business is focused around four major asset classes:

In addition, as a pioneer in treating Environmental, Social and Governance issues, Takekai International incorporates its all-embracing experience in Sustainable and Impact Investing across its range of products.

Takekai International is seeking for improvement in all these areas by providing new products and services created in dependence with the client’s needs, whether they are institutional investors or end-consumers. Our target is to offer outstanding products, direct distribution and efficient operations organized to meet clients’ expectations.